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The Iceberg Legends
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Along with the ride together with IOTA to regenerate the world, we are committed to connect,build and create value that will be stored in Iceberg Legends, the NFTs powered by TanglePay and Tangle Rally.


Iceberg Legends, TanglePay and Tangle Rally
Our team has started the amazing journey of IOTA with TanglePay. With the launch of ISC later this year, IOTA will become the most stunning ecosystem in the crypto world. Even the most optimistic could still underestimate this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and we together are going to capture it.
As wallet is the entrance of an ecosystem, TanglePay has huge potential to be revealed. Moreover, in the past year we have been advising, investing and incubating different projects all for a single purpose, to let them build on IOTA. We named them, the Tangle Rally. These projects in the Tangle Rally cover many fields in world of DEFI and NFT and will be pioneers in the IOTA ecosystem with synergy upon the launch of smart contract.
Along this rally with IOTA to regenerate the world, we will create immeasurable value that will be stored in Iceberg Legends, the NFT powered by TanglePay and Tangle Rally. Iceberg legends NFT is the core of what we create and build. It starts with exclusive rights including airdrops and token sale discount of MANY upcoming tokens from Tangle Rally. The growth of Tangle Rally will constantly add value to Iceberg for its owner. The real punch will be its own narrative and the ecosystem built around it, which will make Iceberg prestige in IOTA ecosystem and thus the whole crypto world.
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Tangle Rally

Connect, create and build on IOTA
Together with TanglePay, Tangle Rally is the engine to empower the Iceberg Legends.
Tangle Rally is an assembly of IOTA ecosystem projects. We connect, create and build together. Software is eating the world. IOTA is eating the software. As long as you are a builder and you are committed to IOTA, we invite you to join Tangle Rally and take this ride as a rally to regenerate the world.
Rally members will get support from TanglePay on payment and traffic with higher priority.
Rally members will share traffic and make co-marketing plans.
Tangle Rally will provide VC connections and token sales support.
Tangle Rally will help with the token listing on major crypto exchanges.

Previews of Upcoming Projects

These projects are in development and getting ready to launch on Shimmer and Assembly and we will reveal them when ready.
Projects are the cornerstones of the ecosystem and the core value of Iceberg Legends. It is essential for builders to build what the community needs. We believe the feeless nature of IOTA will bring a great many opportunities in all areas not limited to the current crypto spotlight like Defi and NFTs. IOTA will really expand the boundaries of the crypto world to the idea like SocialFi, GameFi, DAOs and even the real Metaverse, which are only possible with a feeless, decentralized and scalable technology. Let’s build now!
The above projects are in development and getting ready to launch on Shimmer and Assembly and we will reveal them when ready.
DEX built on Shimmer and Assembly. Swap is never easier.
Well-designed leverage trading DEX on Shimmer and Assembly.
Crypto never sleeps. Let it yields on IOTA.

Iceberg Legends

There are 12 Iceberg Legends and they are born in 3 tiers, Hero, Elite and Epic with different rarity and stats. And if you have the same legend in forms of Hero, Elite and Epic, you can summon the Legendary.
One of the known stats is Reward Level which will be related to the amount of airdrop token the NFT holder will get.
Hero has a reward level of 3-5.
Elite has a reward level of 4-8.
Epic has a reward level of 7-15.
If you have the same legend in all 3 tiers, you can summon the Legendary. 3 cards will become 1 card, a more powerful card. You will get the sum of the airdrop reward level of the original 3 cards and a 20% bonus.
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The Iceberg Legends are shrouded in mystery, but have long cast a shadow over human imagination. They have already conquered the land of dreams. None have seen them… but over the past decade, millions of people have claimed to experience the same dream: a dream in which the great icebergs slowly thaw beneath the waves and unleash the might of long-lost creatures, legendary titans who hold the key to mankind’s future. Those who awaken from this dream insist that it represents reality – a reality to which humans have yet to awaken.
After years of work, we have finally been able to gather different pieces of the puzzle, giving us a glimpse of these legends and bringing them from the shadows into the light.


Beneath the Waves: Iceberg Legends
At the turn of the millennium, a man from the North started a war. This conflict, just one of many, happened to be the spark that opened Pandora's Box, unleashing an unstoppable plague of violence. Before long, a World War swept across the globe.
Countless people died in this monstrous war, which left the homeland a smoking ruin. And even once the guns fell silent, the dark stain of pollution in the skies pushed a climate already stressed by human activity beyond the brink. The Antarctic icebergs, frosty imperturbable titans of winter, are melting.
The few humans who survived the devastating combination of war and climate change have fled to Antarctica. With the power of the Tangle, they have reconstructed three new worlds from the ashes of the old: Reserve World, an Antarctic protected area the remaining people have made their new home; Machine World, where soulless machines carry out industrial production in the old continent; and Meta World, the transcendent, electronic cybernet where human consciousness resides.
Just as people are gradually adapting to this new life, their hard-won peace is shattered yet again. As the Antarctic icebergs continue to melt for the first time in eons, strange creatures, the likes of which mankind has never seen, have begun to appear in the murky waters of underground lakes. The Tangle network, which is so essential to the new order, has also suffered from a Sybil Attack of unknown origin.
What is lurking beneath the iceberg? What kind of secrets does the Tangle network hold? Mankind’s mightiest warriors begin their investigation...
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